About Olga Creek
Olga Creek Lodge was started by Wade and Sherry Ball of Kodiak. This is a family owned and operated business in its pure form. We are located on Kodiak Island Alaska and operate in both fresh and salt waters in Olga Bay as well as within the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Olga Creek Lodge is located on Olga Creek which empties into Olga Bay. The lodge and it guides hold all necessary permits and licenses to offer our guests opportunities for sports fishing, wildlife viewing, hunting, and photographic opportunities.

Having spent 47 years and 4 generations of our family in the area, we encourage family groups of all ages. Our lodge makes it very comfortable with groups up to 8 guests. Olga Creek Lodge is an excellent place for a peaceful vacation or an adventurous excursion.

Wade Ball


Wade Ball is a local in Kodiak, Alaska. After spending a majority of his younger years working and running fishing boats and tenders he now spends his time running two family businesses. Wade is known for his ability to share his captivating fishing boat stories. Wade is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

Sherry Ball


Sherry Ball has spent the summer for over 50 years working at her families set net site in Olga Bay. Her passion and love for Olga
Bay inspired her to start Olga Creek Lodge, this gives her the ability to share her love with people from around the world. Sherry is a dedicated hunter and has a vast knowledge of the surrounding terrain.

George Ball


After spending his younger years working at the family set net site, it was only a natural progression for this fish wrangler to become a guide at Olga Creek Lodge. Many people know George as “the fish whisperer” for his ability to teach and guide client to fishing success. George loves to hike the mountains of Olga Bay for hunting adventures and wildlife viewing.

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