Our facilities are located on the bank of Olga Creek. Olga Bay is about 90 miles from the nearest road only accessible by seaplane or boat. The main lodge contains 4 guest bedrooms, a spacious living room, sitting room and arctic entry. Our Lodge also has a flusher! However, those of you preferring the real rustic experience the Outhouse is still available. Each bedroom has a southern exposure with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and tundra.

The spacious living room has large windows to enjoy the many
different views whether it be the mountains, tundra, or overlooking Olga Bay watching the seal as they play in the water, never tiring of their endless pursuit of salmon, or watching the schools of salmon jump on their way to Olga Creek. The Lodge is a cozy escape for anyone looking to relax. We have an upper sitting room that holds a small library and a television to view DVD or VHS videos from or to watch your recorded events of the day. Our main lodge is a cozy escape for anyone looking to relax.

Our dining cabin is where hearty local cuisine is prepared and served family style. Our daily meal schedule consists of breakfast served at your time of preference. After breakfast while you are gearing up for our daily outing a lunch is prepared that we will serve in the field. Dinner will be served after we return from our outings.

Our wash house consists of a laundry facility, banya (steam bath), shower with hot running water, and fish processing area. All of our buildings are conveniently connected by ramps and decks for ease of access