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Outdoor Activities


Olga Bay is host to multiple river systems that are home to all pacific salmon species. Salmon return to their native streams starting in June and continue into September. Each river system located in Olga Bay holds its own unique salmon season with different species and return dates. Halibut, Rainbow Trout, Steel Head, Pacific Cod and more are also available. Fishing in Olga Bay is world class.


Kodiak Island has a healthy game population and with its natural wilderness habitat, hunting in Olga Bay is a great all-around experience. The beautiful Sitka Blacktail Deer and the lively ptarmigan that we have available to hunt in our area make for a fun adventure. Depending on the year and the depth of the snow, the deer can be hunted very close to the beach and lodge, but just as likely it can be a very physical hunt with lots of hiking.


Kodiak Island offers a wide variety of wildlife viewing due to its unique environment. The Island holds many valuable food sources which enable these animals to thrive. Olga Creek Lodge holds a Department of Interior Wildlife Viewing Permit for the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. We will be able to take you where the famous “ Kodiak Bears” feed in the summer months. The area is also home to beaver, otter, fox, deer, eagles, seal, ptarmigan and many other animals that may be able to be viewed during your trip.


Explore the waters of Olga Bay and its surrounding river systems by kayak. Olga Creek Lodge has beach access from our front doors or can arrange remote drop offs and pickups in the Olga Bay area. We have two kayaks that can hold up to four people.


Hiking the tundra in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge around Olga Bay and the surrounding mountains is exhilarating. Every trail offers the opportunity to view stunning scenery. While some treks are quite steep, others are very family-friendly. Hiking will give you opportunity to spot wildlife and enjoy the foliage of the local area.

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