Fishing in Olga Bay

Olga Bay is host to multiple river systems that are home to all pacific salmon species. Salmon return to their native streams starting in June and continue into September. Each river system located in Olga Bay holds its own unique salmon season with different species and return dates.
Halibut, Rainbow Trout, Steel Head, Pacific Cod
and more are also available. Fishing in Olga Bay is world class.

Olga Creek Lodge is located on private property at the mouth of Olga Creek. We own and control both sides of the creek. This keeps “combat fishing” to minimum. Other creek and river systems are available for our use as well. If there are few fish, our U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains will always be available with our boats to ensure you are at the best fishing hot spot.

River Systems:
There are other major river systems in Olga Bay that we fish during our clients stay including Dog Salmon Creek and other river systems depending on the time of year.

We have two boats that we normally use in our operations. The first is a 30-foot, dropdown bow (like a landing craft) aluminum boat. This is a great traveling boat, making getting in and out of the boat a breeze. When accessing other river systems we transfer to a smaller boat for easier access.

Our lodge is also outfitted with all of the equipment necessary to package your catch for safe delivery home.