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Hunting Lodge Advantages on Kodiak Island, Alaska

Hunting lodges on Kodiak Island, Alaska, like Olga Creek Lodge, are not just for hunting. Take advantage of our location, knowledge, and full amenities to enhance your trip to Kodiak Island....

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Trophy Hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska

On Kodiak Island, trophy hunting is one of the big draws for competitive sportsmen from around the world. There are genuine specimens that can be found across the entire island during any given hunting season....

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Kodiak Island Fishing is One of a Kind

Sports fishermen from all around the world agree that Kodiak Island fishing is one of a kind....

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How Traveling to Kodiak Island, Alaska Works

There are a few different methods of traveling to Kodiak Island, Alaska. The quickest and easiest method is to take a quick flight from Anchorage directly to Kodiak Island....

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Necessary Gear to Pack When Visiting Kodiak Island, Alaska

The type of gear you should pack when visiting Kodiak Island depends on what you intend to do while on the island....

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Weather on Kodiak Island, Alaska

It is important to take mind of potential weather conditions when visiting because stormfronts are common and weather can change quickly over the course of a few hours....

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