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Alaska Wildlife

Kodiak Island offers a wide variety of wildlife viewing due to its unique environment. The Island holds many valuable food sources which enable these animals to thrive. Olga Creek Lodge holds a Department of Interior Wildlife Viewing Permit for the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. We will be able to take you where the famous “Kodiak Bears” feed in the summer months. The area is also home to beaver, otter, fox, deer, eagles, seal, ptarmigan and many other animals that may be able to be viewed during your trip.

The growing season and strength of salmon runs can have a large effect on the location of many Kodiak Bear. Our prime viewing takes place along salmon streams where the bear are feeding most of the summer months. The Kodiak Bear consumes such items as roots, freshly emerging vegetation, berries and salmon, just to name a few. This has offered our guests many wonderful photographic opportunities of the famous “Kodiak Bear” in their natural environment.


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