When people think of Alaska deer hunting options, they often think of large Sitka blacktail trophy bucks found on the inner bay of mainland Alaska and Canada. Luckily, large trophy Sitka Blacktail deer can be found on Kodiak Island, and one of the best places to hunt for deer on Kodiak Island is right around Olga Creek Lodge. Our remote location on the eastside of Kodiak Island gives hunters privacy and premium access to rich Sitka Blacktail deer hunting grounds. On top of that, the lodges location drastically cuts down on time spent traveling to hunting grounds because

What options are there for Alaska Deer Hunting?

As stated above, Alaska blacktail deer hunting options consist of the inner bay area of mainland Alaska, a coastal archipelago area of Canada, or Kodiak Island. We are biased at Olga Creek Lodge because we have spent many years hunting the local area, but in our experience, the blacktail deer found on Kodiak Island are no different than blacktail deer found elsewhere. Not only that, but our quick travel access to Kodiak Island from mainland Alaska make our deer hunting grounds easier to access.

How do I book an Alaska Deer Hunting trip?

Before you book an Alaska deer hunting trip, make sure to read through the ADFAG to see all the rules, regulations, and additional information you need to know before you start hunting deer in Alaska. After you are thoroughly prepared and understand everything about hunting deer in Alaska, your best bet for booking a successful trip is to book your trip at Olga Creek Lodge. Use the following link to contact us and begin booking your Alaska deer hunting trip.

Does Olga Creek Lodge offer Alaska Deer Hunting?

Yes, Olga Creek Lodge offers Alaska deer hunting accommodations. Our lodge has long served as prime, quick access to local Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting grounds. Legendary bucks have been landed within earshot of Olga Creek Lodge and the experience we have gained throughout the years hunting, fishing, and living in the area have given us a close insight to where the best deer this side of Kodiak Island will be located each year. Feel free to get in contact with us to help coordinate your deer hunting trip to Kodiak Island.

What do I need to bring to go Alaska Deer Hunting?

There are lots of helpful tips on what to bring to go Alaska deer hunting on the ADFAG website. However, it is best to discuss the matter with a hunting guide and hunting lodge before traveling to any Alaska deer hunting location. There are massive advantages to booking a deer hunting trip through hunting lodges such as Olga Creek Lodge. We have firsthand experience with local hunting guides and will best be suited with helping navigate deer hunting rules and regulations before any deer hunt on Kodiak Island.

Contact Olga Creek Lodge if interested in hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer on Kodiak Island, Alaska. We offer quick, easy access to local deer hunting grounds right alongside pristine fishing grounds. Not only that, but you can rest easy in our homey accommodations while watching the beautiful Alaskan sunset. Increase the success chance of your Sitka Blacktail Deer hunt on Kodiak Island by booking your stay at Olga Creek Lodge. Contact the friendly customer support staff at Olga Creek Lodge anytime to discuss booking a Sitka Blacktail deer hunting trip to Kodiak Island. The sooner, the better because openings at Olga Creek Lodge are never guaranteed.

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