Kodiak Island, Alaska is a remote location with legendary fishing and game available to hunters and fishermen throughout the year. Finding the right location by looking online is no simple task. Many hunting lodges on Kodiak Island don’t have websites and work through word of mouth. Other lodges might have websites, but can be found embellishing their location through skewed maps or other marketing trickery. The best way to find out exactly where your next potential hunting lodge is to call them directly for their location and search the results on a service like Google Maps. That way you will be able to calculate exactly how far away your potential hunting/fishing grounds will be from your lodging.

Does location matter when it comes to Kodiak Island Hunting Lodges?

Yes, location matters when it comes to Kodiak Island hunting lodges because having ready access to hunting or fishing grounds vastly improves your chances at bagging a legendary trophy. Instead of spending hours traveling through some of the roughest terrain on the planet, you can spend it enjoying the hunt or dropping a line. Don’t get us wrong, traveling through rough terrain is part of the fun for some of us, but cutting time out of your hunt or fishing time will reduce your chances of landing a legendary Kodiak Island trophy.

How difficult is it to travel to and around Kodiak Island Hunting Lodges?

Getting to and traveling around Kodiak Island is easy enough by plane and car, but traveling around to prime hunting/fishing spots is a completely different story. The only way to really travel around Kodiak Island is by boat or water plane. There are lodges like Olga Creek Lodge that are easy to access for land and sea but if you intend to hike to another location on the island, it is best to have your own transportation and plan.

Do I have to bring my own mode of transportation to get to and from Kodiak Island Hunting Lodges?

It depends on which Kodiak Island hunting lodge you end up using to determine if you need to bring your own mode of transportation or not. There is an operating car ferry from Anchorage to Kodiak Island so if you want to bring your own vehicle, the option is available. Kodiak Island is not small and it takes a car to get around to your general area of arrival. In some cases, an Uber to your hunting lodge is all it takes to get you ready for an adventure of a lifetime. In other cases, a car will only get you so far until you have to hike to your final destination. Make sure to plan your mode of transportation before finalizing your trip plans.

What is the best location for a Kodiak Island Hunting Lodge?

We think Olga Creek Lodge is positioned in the best location for a Kodiak Island Hunting Lodge. Obviously, we are a little biased, but we truly believe that Olga Creek Lodge is situated in a perfect location to access all Kodiak Island has to offer hunters, fishermen, or vacationers.

Olga Creek Lodge is located in one of the best spots for hunting, fishing, and vacationing on Kodiak Island. Guest after guest agree that being located within a short distance from all available game and wilderness adds to their adventure time. Instead of wasting time and resources trekking to dangerous remote locations, simply book a stay at Olga Creek Lodge and you will be within short range of all that Kodiak Island has to offer. Get in contact with us anytime and we will gladly answer any of your questions about our location, how to get to local hunting/fishing grounds, and traveling around the island in general.

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