A hunting trip to Kodiak Island, Alaska takes more than just a whim because there is extensive planning involved with traveling to Kodiak Island. First and foremost, you have to plan your protection from the elements. Traveling out into the wilderness of Alaska without a plan and protection from the elements is a death sentence. The number one option for protection from elements on Kodiak Island are hunting lodges owned and operated by avid hunting enthusiasts and Alaskan adventurers. These hunting lodges, like Olga Creek Lodge, are here to help hunters, fishermen, and adventurers the opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime for a reasonable price.

Are there available hunting lodges on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

It depends what time of year you intend to travel to Kodiak Island to determine if there are available hunting lodges. Double booking occurs and is not the end of the world, but it can quickly hamper your dream vacation/hunt/fish because of poor planning. To find out if there are available hunting lodges on Kodiak Island, contact our friendly customer support staff at Olga Creek Lodge. We will be able to help you find the right times of the year for your vacation/hunt, when the game is running high, and when hunting lodges are available.

How much does it cost to rent a hunting lodge on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Costs vary from hunting lodge to hunting lodge on Kodiak Island. Check with each individual lodge to find their rates and reservation times. To view the booking rates at Olga Creek Lodge, simply click here to find out further information. Keep in mind that booking a hunting lodge is similar to booking a hotel room and rates and booking times vary depending upon hunting season and owners whims.

What do I have to bring when I rent a hunting lodge on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Each hunting lodge on Kodiak Island offers different amenities. Some are more luxurious than others. Do your research and look at photos of the hunting lodge before booking a trip. Click here to find the accommodations available at Olga Creek Lodge. This gives you a basic overview of what amenities are available in hunting lodges around Kodiak Island. Always check with staff if website images are current before you fly out to Kodiak Island because old and outdated pictures might not show the whole story of a hunting lodge.

When are hunting lodges open on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Hunting lodges on Kodiak Island have varying reservation times depending upon different factors. Hunting lodge owners are a finicky bunch and it can be difficult communicating vacancies to would be vacationers/hunters. Do not give up easily when trying to contact staff operating hunting lodges in Kodiak Island. The reality is that being present 24/7 is not a reality for owners/operators of hunting lodge properties on Kodiak Island. Although communication is difficult at times, it is well worth the effort because there are no other hunting grounds in the world like Kodiak Island. .

Do research on booking availability of hunting lodges on Kodiak Island, Alaska before planning your vacation/hunting/fishing trip. Running the risk of double booking and having no availability can dramatically ruin any planned vacation/hunting/fishing trip to Kodiak Island, Alaska. Kodiak Island does not have the luxury of having large resorts or any large hotels to stay in if your desired hunting lodge is not available. However, the difficulty of planning, booking, and traveling to Kodiak Island is well worth the effort. You will enjoy legendary adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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