When outdoorsmen think of great hunting opportunities, Alaska is always near the top of the list. This is because Alaska offers some of the greatest hunting opportunities in the world. However, an Alaskan hunting trip should not be undertaken by amateur hunters. The risks involved are high, but the rewards are equally high if you do your research and come to Alaska ready for a great adventure. You should also speak with lodge owners in the area you wish to hunt. If you want to hunt in Kodiak Island, speak with the friendly lodge owners at Olga Creek Lodge to find all about the great hunting opportunities available in Alaska.

What type of hunting opportunities are in Alaska?

Take your pick! Every outdoorsman has heard tales of legendary Alaskan game from massive deer to fabled grizzlies. However, in order to find out what type of hunting opportunities in Alaska would interest you, it is best to take a look at Alaska Department of Fish and Game in order to determine when and what you plan to hunt. Alaska is a large state and it is important to hunt in the right area. 

Are hunting opportunities available year round in Alaska?

Yes, hunting opportunities are available year round in Alaska. However, every hunting season in Alaska is associated with a particular game. Do your research before you attempt to plan your hunting trip to Alaska. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is a fantastic resource to find out information regarding your hunting trip. If you want the real inside scope on the best times to go hunting in Alaska, talk to lodge owners like us. We know the area around our lodges better than any pole markers setup by fish and game.

How much do hunting permits cost in Alaska?

To find out how much hunting permits cost in Alaska, please visit this link. All the information is here for you to find out what type of game you will be hunting. Make sure to thoroughly do your research before booking your hunt because the fines for illegally hunting in Alaska are hefty. Make sure to factor in all costs before you embark because coming unprepared will only lead to disaster. If you want further information about what to bring for your hunt in Alaska, contact the friendly customer support staff at Olga Creek Lodge for further information. We will be able to go over every aspect of your hunt and advise you on what type of costs you will be expecting to spend.

Is it dangerous to hunt in Alaska?

Yes, it is dangerous to hunt in Alaska. Alaska is not a place for novice hunters because the combination of terrain and unpredictable game can lead to serious risk of injury and/or death. However, the risk is met with equally high rewards. Legendary trophies are to be had throughout Alaska. Especially on Kodiak Island. The danger is what makes hunting in Alaska unique. It is best to do your research on what to expect and the best way to do that is to speak with experienced lodge owners in Alaska. We know the in’s and out’s of the hunting areas near our lodges and will be able to help you avoid possible dangers when hunting in Alaska.

The hunting opportunities of Alaska are boundless. The wide open terrain and lack of civilization leads to a hunters paradise that comes with legendary trophies worth the difficulty in obtaining. However, the legendary hunting trophies of Alaska are not easily obtained. It takes true knowledge and determination to have a successful hunt anywhere in Alaska. If you are interested in having a great hunting trip anywhere in Alaska, do your research about the area you intend to hunt. Contact lodge owners and other experienced Alaskan hunters to learn all you can before you embark to ensure you have a legendary hunting trip.

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