One of the great things about Kodiak Island, Alaska is that it has a large and healthy population of blacktail deer available to hunters who want to bag a true Alaskan trophy. In addition to the healthy population, there are true specimens out there to be had by experienced hunters. The best way to find one is to book your accommodations at one of the fine hunting lodges, like Olga Creek Lodge, found across the island. Our seasoned lodge owners have been hunting and experiencing the deer hunt on Kodiak Island for years. Take full advantage of our knowledge and we will help you succeed in your deer hunt to the best of our abilities.

What type of deer are available to hunt on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Kodiak Island has a large population of Sitka Blacktail Deer. They can reach weights of 175 to 200 pounds and produce amazing trophies for hunters. Hunters from around the world travel here to experience the deer hunt for themselves after seeing the types of blacktail trophies their friends bring back home. Don’t be left out because it is more affordable to participate in the Kodiak Island blacktail deer hunt than one might imagine. Sure, travel costs can be high, but there are often airline deals to be had that will bring down the price of your hunt dramatically.

When is peak deer hunting season Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Kodiak deer hunting season opens August 1st, however, the best hunting can be found from November to mid-December. The deer start to come down from higher elevations during the cold winter and it makes it easier to find trophy bucks and does without wasting time traveling across treacherous terrain. Although the season makes it easier, that doesn’t mean that bagging a trophy buck or doe is easy. It takes an experienced hunter who knows what they are doing to have a successful hunt on Kodiak Island.

What type of permits, tags, or licensing do I need to hunt deer on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

There are an assortment of permits, tags, and licenses needed to hunt blacktail deer on Kodiak Island. All information can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Games website found here, but in short, you will need a valid hunting license, deer tags for the amount of deer you intend to bag (Maximum of 3), and land use fees (if applicable). Contact us directly if you need further pricing information regarding accommodations on Kodiak Island. We can help get everything needed for a successful blacktail deer hunt on Kodiak Island.

How much does it cost to hunt deer on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

In addition to the costs of permits, tags, and licensing, you will need to budget for lodging, supplies, dressing and shipping your kill, and travel expenses. Make sure to budget accordingly when planning a deer hunt on Kodiak Island. Feel free to reach out to Olga Creek Lodge’s friendly customer support staff to learn more about deer hunting and deer hunting accommodations on Kodiak Island.

If you want to participate in the Blacktail Deer hunt this year on Kodiak Island, Alaska, book your stay at Olga Creek Lodge now to make sure your spot is reserved because space fills up quickly. Our fantastic location sets hunters up for success without wasting hours of your day traveling through treacherous terrain to get to a great hunting spot. Go ahead and give us a call or use our easy contact form to book your stay at Olga Creek Lodge. Stupendous deer hunting opportunities await.

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