Hunting is similar to any other sport because it can quickly become competitive. On Kodiak Island, trophy hunting is one of the big draws for competitive sportsmen from around the world. There are genuine specimens that can be found across the entire island during any given hunting season. The only way to bag a trophy on Kodiak Island is to come to the island and experience the hunt yourself. Familiarizing yourself with the area in preparation for your hunt will give you that much more of a chance of bagging a legendary trophy from Kodiak Island.

How do I arrange to go Trophy Hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Book a stay at Olga Creek Lodge and we can help you arrange a trophy hunt on Kodiak Island. Our years of experience and actively participating in hunts give us keen knowledge on where and when to find the best possible trophies on the island. Give us a call, or get in contact with our friendly support staff through our website and we will gladly help you arrange your trophy hunting trip to Kodiak Island.

Does it depend what time of year to find the best Trophies to hunt on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Yes, it depends what time of year to find the best trophies to hunt on Kodiak Island. If you intend to bag a specific species of trophy, make sure to check the Alaska Department of Fish and Games website for permitting and hunting season information. Arriving during the wrong hunting season can lead to a disaster of a hunting trip. It is best to avoid any possibilities of this happening by preparing for your hunt far in advance. This will help alleviate any chance of an information miscommunication about hunting areas and permitting on Kodiak Island.

How much does it cost to go trophy hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

The cost to go trophy hunting on Kodiak Island varies depending upon a few factors. First, you have to calculate the cost for travel. This includes anticipating the cost for transporting any hunting gear you might need to bring. Another cost some hunters forget is the cost of bringing your trophy back with you. Depending upon how you want your trophy dealt with, there may be additional costs for shipping and treatment for the carcass. Of course, any seasoned hunter already anticipates these costs, but we want to remind anyone planning to come trophy hunting on Kodiak Island that the sheer remoteness of the island is cause for additional charges when it comes to shipping.

What should I expect when hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

It depends what game you intend to hunt to figure out what you should expect when hunting on Kodiak Island. Check the ADFG website to find when hunting season is open for the type of trophy you intend to hunt. The winter months on Kodiak Island are not for the faint of heart. It gets cold and stays cold. If you come to the island in the summer months, it can be quite pleasant, however weather patterns often change and being on top of things is the best way to ensure a great trophy hunt.

If you are looking to go trophy hunting in Kodiak Island, Alaska, book a stay at Olga Creek Lodge. You won’t be sorry and chances of a successful hunt will increase dramatically with our expert knowledge, prime location, and provided amenities. In addition, our team will help you arrange any type of trophy hunting trip you wish to engage on while you stay at Olga Creek Lodge. The intimate knowledge we have gained when it comes to preparing, executing, and concluding a trophy hunt on Kodiak Island is worth its weight in gold.

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